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how i bluff catched a polar river bet

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  • how i bluff catched a polar river bet

    would you have bluff catched here also

    if so why

    if not why ?

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    No, I think I fold here.

    I think villain would play this way with almost of his Jx and Tx hands. Attempting to make up for lost value.

    The slight overbet is a bit suspicious, but I'm not convinced we're going to be good here enough...

    Do we know much about the villain?


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      Hi Guido, hows things been going?

      As for the hand...The only thing that might make me look him up on the river is the bet size and the fact that he didn't lead out on turn. I'd expect all decent 2 pairs, sets (TT,33) and str8s and weak flushes to lead out turn. I also think that KJ and QJ with a spade, Plus Ax sapde might also lead out semi bluff the turn as well.

      However, many weaker players will check down to river and bomb lead when they think they have the best hand. In this spot at lower stakes I think long term you might be burning money making calls like this.


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        Hi turbulence and London things are going ok , since i actually turned into a live Player for the most Part i am a little unhappy about the current Situation but i Also enjoy Playing online a lot..

        What about you guys ?

        Here i bluff catched because any oesd , fd has missed and i thought it is unlikely he has an A or J given the way he played before

        In Kombination with the Polar river bet this is a classic bluff coaching spot since i lose to any value hand but win vs any bluff

        Making up for lost value so betting big on river , this is it here ! Thanks , this idea did not come into my mind !

        i dont remember his exact hand only that i lose on river