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is this a thin value bet on river or check-call hoping to induce a bluff oop ?

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  • is this a thin value bet on river or check-call hoping to induce a bluff oop ?

    as all draws have missed i thought checking to induce might be better

    on flop is this a cbet as i have Backdoor nut flush draw , bdsd ?

    on flop do you think i have the range Advantage ?

    on flop do you think i have the nut Advantage ?

    thoughts ?
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    I really don't like the flop play here at all.

    If you're prepared to check-call a pot size bet then I'd prefer to keep the initiative.

    I think your river play is correct, you're probably not going to get called by much worse.

    It's a bit of a strange line by the villain, but I wouldn't be surprised to see quite a lot of Qx hands that would bet large on the flop there in fear of being outdrawn (basically to try and win the pot there and then) but then check down the rest of the way.


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      Yeah this is actually true ,calling auch a big Flop bet here i could better keep the Initiative,

      I was lucky given the outcome and given his weak turn and river play

      A competent Player could bring me in a lot of tough spots


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        Just let it go on the flop, the board smashes any reasonable players flatting range IP (villian was not a reasonable player).

        When he checks back turn I think its safe to assume he doesn't have a Qx so he either has a busted draw, an under pair or 7x 8x. As played I would go for a 1/3-1/2 pot blocker / value bet on the river to target those hands - and control the bet size if we are beat.


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          PS analysis of micro stakes poker will drive you insane in the long run. When your opponent has no clue as to why he is doing what he is doing - how the hell are you supposed to figure it out?

        • Guido
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          I really like the content of your Last Paragraph, the river Blocking bets i learned most from matt affleck , he uses them pretty often other than JL

          i Think the blocking bet really has its justification

          And regarding turn play it is indeed not likely he has a Q

          What do you Think about who has Flop range and nut advantage ?

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        I have seen too many jl Training Videos and quizzes therefor i called the Flop bet

        Before learning from jl i was such a Hit or miss Flop Player (only being the preflop caller not the preflop raiser)

        if the flop were 2 cards 9 or higher i would let it gone on Flop as this smashes ip flatting Range considerably more often