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what do you think about my bustout spot ?

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  • what do you think about my bustout spot ?

    at least quite Deep ITM : )

    would you call the minraise preflop ?

    my plan was to move in with any pair, any draw already on flop

    given SPR turn i decided to maximize fold equity

    i think my postflop Play is defensible in the least bit

    sure i could have cchecked turn hoping to see a free river

    but the main decision Point in the Hand is the preflop Action

    would you have folded preflop ?

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    This is such an interesting tournament spot , worth some answers


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      As played I think it was fine, your opponent has to fold a lot of his big card range on the turn and most of his under pairs so that play will make you chips in the long run.

      I may be theoretically wrong on this next point but with 9bbs I think I am folding 72s pre-flop i) it just doesn't flop or play well post flop ii) with your stack you have so little fold equity post flop and OOP it really limits your ability to win the pot. iii) even with only 7bbs after the blinds go through you still have open jam fold equity against most of the table at this late stage.


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        Thanks i First learned this move from the book the myth of poker Talent and in Training Videos/quizzes no pro seems to fold a suited hand vs a minraise , if you Hit any piece of the board realise your equity by shoving

        Villians do overfold vs shoves so this move should be +ev

        Being that shortstacked you neutralize your positional disadvantage by playing aggressively with any Made hand ,any draw

        This is "my" theory behind