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  • Uncertain Times

    I'll be temporarily(?) cancelling my PC subscription. Hopefully when all of this Covid-19 stuff blows over I'll still be alive and well.
    At any rate I need to tighten up the purse strings for the foreseeable future.

    Good luck all and be safe

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    Learn from the asians, how to survive with an ugly virus


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      how bad can it be in PA ?

      you're a valuable contributor to the forum.


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        Be safe!!!!!


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          Stay safe!!!


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            Same. I've had to temporarily (hopefully) close my business due to the ongoing concerns, so finances are going through a rework.
            Really appreciate this site and all the content, and look forward to returning sometime in the future.


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              I've been in voluntary isolation for 13 days now. I've had no desire to think about or play poker (online is legal here) which is kinda crazy since poker has been my life for the past 4 years.
              I'm going to join in the live study group and play a tourney today tho but that's just a temporary distraction. I don't foresee myself getting back to this full time until a vaccine or a good course
              of treatment is available.

              I hope you all are well


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                Hope ye are all keeping well. Very worried here in Europe and I am the the wrong age. complete lock down here. I would have thought that seeing that most people are stuck at home, that this would be a good time to get some serious study in.


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                  I’m cutting cost. I have a part time job that laid me off and I’m landlord who’s tenants probably won’t be paying their rent for a few months. I was going to cut it in1/2 for any that reached out but not one contacted me yet and they all late so...I don’t know if I’m suppose to eat this or not. I know I’m not get bailed out lol.

                  I’m on the high risk side of this too. I suppose I’m to stressed out for not only myself but for my family to think about poker. I wanted to play at 3 today but I’m just going to blow it off.


                  • LondonImp
                    LondonImp commented
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                    I hope things work themselves out for you buddy, can't be easy.

                    No point playing poker if you know you are not in the frame of mind, just pop outside (or lean out the window I suppose...) and set some money on fire to save you some time.