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jesus what a river

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  • jesus what a river

    thoughts ?

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    tough spot on river , isnt it ?


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      rewatching this , this is still a somewhat crazy spot to me

      time to ask the AI


      when SB leads calling and raising 25% potsize have the same EV , they are the best options and I should call 60% of the time and raise 40% of the time

      when he bets that small calling the 8 outer sd with 2 overcards in position is a fine option


      straight comes in

      villians bets tiny again

      my raising move is correct but my sizing is way off , I should have pot it with this quite high SPR ! 100% of the time ,this has most EV

      as played when i bet too small and villian reraises that small ...

      .. my raising move is correct but I should have raised smaller or going all in immediately (calling would also not be a mistake but does nothave most EV)


      as played when he jams river folding has an EV of 0.0 and calling of 0.01

      so calling slightly better


      what a crazy spot , i put myself in too tough of a decision

      I should have gone allin on turn after he reraised me


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        What options did you give the solver for flop play? (I think check, 25/50/75/100%) I can't believe that 25% is the best size. Yes, turn size should have been much larger (based on pot size, not bet size)!

        I could never fold this river unless villain is a flush miner. He could have been betting 2p, set, Q8, 87, his girlfriend just broke up with him....
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        • Guido
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          which raise size would you choose ?

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        I think you already worked it, I was surprised all the chips weren't in the middle on the turn given the action. But like you already said turn raise size is way to small.


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          Awful river lol. Shit happens get it in on turn!


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            I wish I can find the fold button in spots like this!


            • Guido
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              yes we can

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            Same thing happened, I got my straight at the turn, he hit his flush at the river. I actually had a flush too, I knew in my heart I was beat but I just couldn't lay it down.


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              I could