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  • Forum seems quiet

    I have noticed that the forum has got very quiet these last few days. I thought it would be the opposite with a lot of people having more time on their hands due to the Coronavirus.
    Also can anyone do anything about the posts coming in that are not in English?

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    I've had frequent problems logging in. I often get a message along the lines of getting my password wrong too many times and having to wait 15 mins to try again - so I don't bother. It also says that someone tried to access my account from Chicago..? That could've just been me accessing it through a VPN but I doubt it... Perhaps others are having the same issues.

    Regarding the non-english spam posts, no there is nothing we can really do because there are no moderators.


    • Dilly
      Dilly commented
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      Had the password problem the other day, but was able to change my password and log in, should we bring this to support's attention?

    • LondonImp
      LondonImp commented
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      Can't hurt, not sure if it will make much difference though.

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    maybe they 've moved on to better places ... maybe they found their click.

    lot of negative energy surrounding poker. people lose. What is spam