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    Hey guys. New to the forum and fairly new to poker in general. Been playing for about 1.6 years and been studying with poker coaching for about 4-5 months. Anyway here's the hand. If I could get some feed back that'd be awesome!

    5NL online: fold to UTG+2 and he limps, folds to Hero in SB with 88 and calls, BB (28bb eff.) checks - pot .15
    Flop - 8s-4h-Th, Hero leads for half pot (.07 cents), BB calls, UTG+2 raises to .14, Hero calls, BB calls - pot .57
    Turn - (8s-4h-Th)-2s, Hero checks, BB leads .20 cents, UTG+2 raises to .45, Hero calls, BB folds - pot 1.47
    River - (8s-4h-Th-2s)-4d, Hero checks, UTG+2 (110bb eff) bets pot, Hero calls, UTG+2 shows up with TT

    I had no history with either of of these players as I had only been on that table for only a few orbits and no HUDs on Ignition. Could I have gotten away from this and any point? Should I have played preflop/flop/even river differently? In hindsight I don't think my flop lead was good at all and by seeing how villain played all 3 streets maybe I should have folded. Especially at this low of stakes where people hardly show up with pot sized bluffs on the river. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    You can’t get away from that. Preflop I would have raised my pair. The limp with TT from +2 is really a poor play. On the river you only need to be right 33% of the time. If the guy is limping TT he is also probably limping JJ and playing it the same way thinking he has the board crushed. There are more combos of overpairs you beat than better full houses. You lose to three combos of TT and one 44 and beat everything else. There are more combos of JJ alone than hands that beat you.


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      Combinatorics is still a little foreign to me but it makes sense what you're saying. After I posted this, I went back and checked the preflop charts and I definitely should have raised. Thanks for the feedback man!


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        Preflop I would be isolating to $0.40 - 8bb. Our hand is definitely strong enough to raise, but if we make it any smaller than that we are likely to get two callers and risk playing a multi-way pot out of position which is never great. Sometimes both players will just fold but that means we scoop up 2.5bbs without even seeing a flop and that is a very good result!

        As played, on the flop I would certainly not be flatting the UTG+2's raise. We almost certainly have the best hand here, there are a lot of potentially tricky turn cards for us, and our opponent has clearly indicated that he likes his hand. I would be raising this to about 2.5x the size of his bet, so anywhere between $0.35 and $0.40. If he raises/shoves I would be happily getting it in.


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          LondonImp This is really good feedback, thanks man!


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            Happy to help mate