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    I posted a couple weeks back and used a picture of my hand written notes. It seemed to go over pretty well, so I did the same again this time. I also added a picture of what I think is good range composition for my opponent via flopzilla.
    I didn't have much info on my opponent, Asian kid about 27. He had just reloaded to 500 after playing two fairly large pots over the last 45 minutes. The game was pretty soft I can only recall one 3 bet over the hour or so I was at the table.
    I'm having some difficult building my opponent range in flopzilla, so any feedback on the that would be helpful. I started him off with an 11% cold call rang, pockets TT and below, suited broadway's, AQo down to AJo, A5s - A2s, and the best suited connectors JTs, down to 54s. The rang in the picture is what I think he ends up with on the river given the betting.
    On the rive,r when he went 120 I thought most likely he had an inferior ace. In retrospect, if the range I gave him is accurate, he has a inferior ace 31% of the time and a full house 10%. He bet about full pot on the river so I need to be good 50% of the time. The 31% is not close. Looking back on it I also think the 35 dollar bet on the turn was a real sign of strength, ithink he would have bet more imposition with AQ or AJ.
    This has post has become much longer than I had intended. If you made it this far it's appreciated and so is any feedback.

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    The main issue seems to be how we are ranging our opponents.

    Here is a thread started by an old mod of the site all about how to hand read opponents and several practice exercises:

    I can't recommend it enough!
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      I have started but not finished reading the manuscript provide by jjpregier. It looks like a ton of good information, thx.