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My low score in Matt's Quiz number 812

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  • My low score in Matt's Quiz number 812

    I really struggled in this quiz and generally do poorly in Matt's quizzes. My problem here was that I gave the good regular on the button too tight of a calling 3 bet range.
    Any views on this would be welcome.

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    If it's a good reg, he knows Matt is 3-betting his whole range there, so he can call with most of his range, especially since he'll be HU IP the rest of the hand.

    The other streets are more complicated and I don't want to spoil it for anyone else wanting to take the quiz before answering, but the above is fairly apparent so I think that spoiler is ok.


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      Warning spoilers below.

      I took the quiz and got a 24 which definitely needs improvement. I agree that I struggle with Matt’s quizzes the most. I’m questioning the flop check here. If you look at our range as a whole this hand is in the junk category with no pair no back door draw. But our range should be well ahead of a button calling range. We should have as many fours and threes as the opponent plus we have all the overpairs where they are capped at 88 maybe 99. It’s likely no one hit this board and a decent size bet may fold unpaired overcards which is the buttons most likely holding. Am I wrong with this thinking?