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    We’ve been taught to Check our Marginal hands but what if good opponents bet 1/2 pot? Do we call with top pair bad kicker? Is it possible to continually fold in this scenario or do we defend?

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    If they're a good opponent then we need to make sure we're defending at least in line with MDF.

    If they are betting 1/2 pot then we need to make sure we are calling/raising with at least 66% of all the hands in our range.

    Use the range analyser tool on this site to practice.


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      There are so many factors here. I think the best answer I can give is to tell you to start completing the homework assignments. Start with #1 and watch the corresponding webinars. Move through them in numerical order and this will help you understand how to play your range better than any advice I could give you based on this vague scenario.


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        Agreed with Mr.Fuss... there is a lot that goes into it. Depends on your position, opponent position, board texture, opponent tendencies, number of players. But in general, you should call or check with your marginal hands. JL drills into us from the start to not look for boiler plate apply all the time answers. Poker is too complex for that, if we want to be good we have to learn how, when and why to adjust from a fundamentally sound strategy.

        The best advice anyone can give is to do the homework and the quizzes. Those will definitely put you in various positions and help you figure out what to do in what scenarios.

        Also, post specific hands that are giving you concern or trouble. We have plenty of forum participants that will provide constructive feedback. And, don't worry about folks being rude or malicious. Almost all of us are here to learn, and we do pretty good policing the jerks and getting them out.


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          From the man himself via Twitter: Don’t fold top pair!


          Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate the effort.
          ‘For what it’s worth I love the quizzes, and I did the 30 day challenge.

          Jonathan mentions several times that we Bet our Premium hands and Draws. We check Marginal hands and junk. I think it’s obvious that we fold most of the time with junk. Obvious to bet Premium hands and draws. Just seems like there’s a greater gray area with marginal hands and how to play them post flop, which goes back to studying.


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            Originally posted by albone View Post
            Just seems like there’s a greater gray area with marginal hands and how to play them post flop
            Marginal hands are indeed complicated and how they are played is dependent on many factors as 1Peter510 alluded to. Again, completing the homework assignments is probably the best way to better understand how to play marginal combos in a variety of scenarios.