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KT hand that took me out of my home game last night.....

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  • KT hand that took me out of my home game last night.....

    This is my first post to the blog... thanks in advance for reading.....
    I go to a home game in the Asheville area....
    Last night, I was hovering around a stack of about 180 or so. The game featured a lot of $10 straddles and loose play.... I was playing tight following the RFI and facing raise charts for the most part. I was in CO I believe....

    $10 straddle from button, I think 5 players limp in before flop, including UTG+1, HJ, me, BTN and SB.

    I have KhTs (maybe the suits are off on this, but about)

    Flop is KdTh8d

    Checks to me, I raise $35.... folds to UTG+1 and HJ call.

    Turn is Qh

    Check, Check, I raise $50

    UTG+1 raises to $175, HJ folds

    This raises red flags making me think he has AA, AK, QQ, JJ or something in there.... I'm thinking I'm still ahead and I was trying to get everything in from early in the hand...

    I go all in for the little amount I have left behind me (call plus maybe $20)

    He shows AA,

    Qd falls on the river and I'm busted

    According to equilab, I had good equity all the way to the river. How else should I have played this....

    Thanks, Scott

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    KTo would be a fold for me preflop even with several limpers. Past that, you played it fine. He had tons of outs against you, so when against AA, you can expect to lose about 26% of the time there. You were 74% chance to win when all the chips got in there. Nothing to feel bad about there.

    Make a note the guy limps with AA and calls flop bets with AA.

    Maybe consider buying in for more if a $10 straddle is common.

    With @ $180 stack and several limpers on a $10 straddle, be looking to just jam all in preflop and scoop all the dead money.


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      Welcome! You played the hand well.

      I don't mind the preflop call given the loose game and multiple limpers. Sure you could fold or jam, but if this is a good game I'd rather play pots and give people plenty of opportunities to make mistakes on multiple streets.

      On the flop you have a premium hand with top-two pair so of course betting is good since it's a coordinated board multiway. There's only one reasonable hand that beats you, 88, and if someone has that you're losing money a majority of the time no matter what you do. KK or TT are not reasonable because they would almost certainly be raised preflop and you block them, there's only 1 combo of each. You want to charge any of the many possible straight and flush draws now.

      The turn isn't fantastic but you should keep betting. The only reasonable hands to improve to a better one than yours are KQ and J9. Again, QQ and AJ aren't reasonable because they are very likely raised preflop.

      When you're check-raised I would expect you to not have the best hand anymore a good deal of the time. However, the pot is now laying you odds, so the question is whether your hand is good enough of the time to warrant a call. You have to call the $85 left in your stack to win the $340 sitting out there in the pot so you only need the winning hand about 20% of the time to make a call profitable. Do you think your two-pair will win that often? Keep in mind if he does have a straight or KQ you do have some outs for a winning full house even if you're behind now. In other words, yes, you should call.

      Turns out in fact you have the best hand and oh well the river is bad for you. That's poker. Get used to losing even when you play well. It happens a lot. However, if you're playing well, in the long run you will get the money even if you didn't this particular time.


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        Gentlemen, thank you for your responses and positive reenforcement. Assuredly, had I not flopped the two pair, I was done with the hand. I’m still not good at sizing up the other players ranges but in this case, I intuitively felt like I was ahead. Upon further analysis, I could see where much could go wrong. But one of the things I’m learning at pokercoaching is that you have to sometimes continue even when the hair on your neck starts to stand up. When the opponent reraised, I thought he might have AA but at that point, I was ahead. As noted, that’s poker! 😊