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Live tourney 26bb in BB with AK off

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  • Live tourney 26bb in BB with AK off

    In a live tournament last night with AKo in BB. Blinds at 800/1600 with a 1600 big blind ante. 1k/2k looming and I have 43k (26bb).

    Active player in MP opens to 4k and SB calls.

    I shoved as I couldn't think of a credible raise size here with this stack and against this particular player I am ahead of his opening range a large percentage of the time?

    Whats your play?

    I don't think there are enough of these spots in the quizzes. What do you think?

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    Generally I'd be looking to put in a squeeze to the size of the pot.

    So to work that out we multiply the size of the last bet by 3 and then add all the other money in the pot:

    ( 4000 * 3 ) + 4000 + 1600 = 17600 (if we were OOP I would add on a single unit of the original bet i.e. an extra 4000)

    Next I compare this pot size bet size to my stack size and if it's >1/3 of my stack I will shove. Here a pot size bet would be ~40% of our stack so shoving it in is fine by me.

    There are a couple of caveats here... You haven't mentioned any payout considerations so the above is based upon the assumption that we are far from the money and so there are no ICM implications. Also, I'm not totally sure how we should factor in us being on the BB into the pot size bet calculation but this should be close enough anyway.

    One last thing buddy, there's now a specific sub-forum for tournament hand histories so this might have been better being posted in there -


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      You count the BB as additional chips in the pot, because after you post it is no longer your chips

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    Thank you for your feedback. I'd agree. I forgot about the other specific threads.

    We are way off the money so no ICM considerations.


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      AKo is an easy jam with 26bb. You are happy to pick up 7.5bb (even if you put 2 out there already) and have good equity if called. The worst thing would be going multiway by calling.

      In theory you should be rejaming with AKo even without the caller. But certainly with the caller and how much of your stack you have to commit to make a reasonable squeeze.


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        Another question to ask yourself is, if you raise to 17-20k and get jammed on, are you going to fold? If the answer is "no" then you might as well be the one to get it in.


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          Not much to add here. I agree with the previous comments. You should be jamming with a pretty wide range. Check out this recent video from JL which explains when we should be re-jamming with a short stack.


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            I am always jamming there. Just wanted to clarify that is what everyone else would be doing. Just bad luck I run into the very top f his range


            • LondonImp
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              Yeah that happens mate. You made the right move and that's what's important. Well played.

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            This is the perfect spot to jam. Active player, mid position. I'd be pleased to get it in.


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              Shoving is my default play here