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  • Poker Coaching Referral Incentive

    I wonder if any of the minds behind this training site would consider starting a referral incentive scheme.

    At the moment I have absolutely no reason to recommend this site to anybody that I play with - why would it ever be +ev for me to help my regular opponents improve?

    If all of using this site have a similar mind-set (and I'm pretty much most of us do) then surely that stifles the growth of this site a bit.

    On the other hand, if there was a referral bonus involved, say 1 free month of Poker Coaching Premium for everyone you signed up for example, then suddenly it would be in our best interests to try and grow this site.

    Just a thought JonathanLittle .
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    Funny you mentioned this- I had a similar dilemma last week.

    A player I know at my local casino- we're friendly and chat but not friends away from the card room- asked me about how I improved as a player (I would never describe myself as good, but I'm one of the better players in a very weak field ). He didn't really want to spend a lot of money, but was really after a decent book. His plan (as a middle aged gentleman) was to pick a book by one of the famous old school pros (eg Helmuth).

    What do I do in this spot?
    • Obviously the best advice to him would be to tell him the best book I think appropriate to him- probably secrets of professional tournament poker. I would also make him aware of the free poker coaching trial. Both these things would help him a lot.
    • It would also help JL- this is something I feel I would like to do as a thankyou for all the free content and help he provides. This is a slightly strange reason as I am a customer of Jonathans, and recognise his free content is a marketing strategy. However his approach has created a lot of "brand loyalty" with me, and I feel I should help.
    But- why would I help someone I can currently beat become a better player to the point where either my win rate against him is diminished, or maybe he becomes better than me? Either case costs me money.

    For the record I did recommend the book, but I was having a wider think about the motivation for helping someone else become better a poker player.


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      Do it for Jonathan he has deserved it by helping us that much. The hard working / studying Players will find a way to study Hard anyway

      Chances are he will not use all the study opportunities on this Site anyway , i mean how many users here keep studying hard long termed ?


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        I like this mate, good answer

      • Dilly
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        This nails it. The stuff we’re learning isn’t rocket science...except maybe some of Acevedos’s always going to come down who works the hardest for the most part. The players with the discipline and drive to become good players are going to find good material and use it to become good players...might as well make it with JL lol