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Is V folding a jack - what gives?

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  • Is V folding a jack - what gives?

    6-handed MTT

    Blinds 3k/6k/700
    50 from ITM
    H 205k / V 217k

    H CO Th-9h b 13.2k BTN calls HU

    Flop (39.6k)
    Jh 9C 5d

    H x, V13k, H calls

    Turn (65.7k) 8h

    H x, V 43.3K, H???

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    You figure a Q, 7, or heart is good for you. A 9 or T might be good for you. So you have like 32-43% chance of hitting vs. 28% pott odds. I think calling is the play.

    i would say jam, but is it for value or a bluff? I doubt worse calls, maybe you get a J to fold.

    So, I would go with a call here.


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      I think a call seems fine. I'm probably calling the turn and folding to a river bet unless my hand improves to 2pr+.

      Villain could be checking back river some % of the time too so your hand may already be good and you may not be faced with a tough decision on the river.


      • Mkaufmann
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        Ran this through Snowie and it's 1/4 pot OTF and check-raise shove 93% of the time on the turn