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Playing agains polarized opponent

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  • Playing agains polarized opponent

    I somehow just now realized the best player at the table ive been playing at is playing the strategy jonathan little is teaching us. How do you compete against this? It is a very good strategy when used and put in place properly.

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    In position against polarised opponents one of the best adjustments you can make is simply to call with more of your continuing range. That will keep them in with all their bluffs as well as their value hands.

    If you raise them they can simply fold most of their bluffs and re-raise with their premium hands - although if they're good they should still be re-raising with a few bluffs to remain polarised so you will be in a tough spot.

    What sort of opponents do you struggle to play against when playing with a polarised strategy? Is there anything that they do against you which you could look into and implement yourself?