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  • $10 Monster Stack

    $10 Online Monster Stack
    1.75k-3.50k +400

    Hero 162,256k BTN AcTc

    CO R 7.35k
    Hero calls
    BB calls (pot 25.8k)

    Flop - Ks 9d 7c

    BB X
    CO b 8.75k
    Hero 28k
    BB folds
    CO calls (pot 81.8k)

    Turn - 6c

    CO X
    Hero 57.7k
    CO r all-in 91.8k
    Hero calls

    CO shows AdKd

    River - 5c
    Hero wins w/flush

    Initial thoughts:
    Stack sizes were awkward OTT - smaller sizing perhaps?

    Flop raise probably works better OOP - V calls and we know we're behind.

    V has pot sized bet left on turn - should we go all-in to put pressure on a made pair?


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    On the flop you have a range and nut disadvantage, there's no reason to be check raising here with a backdoor draw.

    As played, if you're going to barrel turn I think we need to be shoving to have any fold equity, but again, Villain should be very strong on this board.


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      If you jam the flop, I am guessing you have about 33% equity when called (and this is pretty aggressive having him call with all his straight draws). You need him to fold 50% of the time to break even, and he likely folds 60% of the time if he c-bets 100% of his range on the flop. That is a lot of variables/assumptions and doesn't account for the BB left to act. So, I am not a fan of jamming flop.

      He is laying 20% pot odds. You have about 40% equity against his range if he cbets 100%. Turn cards that are good for you are any club, Q, J, T, 8, 6 which is about half the deck. So, calling the flop could be a good option and you can evaluate the turn. Some portion of the time, he will check the turn and you can see the river for free. Some portion of the time you pick up a good card and can consider calling or jamming if he bets.

      The flop raise make sense to me if doing so to buy the river. I would probably go smaller so you risk less when he jams over the top of you and you have to fold. Then, I would just check the turn and see the river. I think the 57K bet on the turn is a big mistake. That is more than half his stack and if he jams, you have to call because of odds. Might as well just jam yourself and maximize fold equity. If you feel strongly about betting the turn, then I think a down bet to like 22k is better. At least then you can fold if he jams.

      I can go either way with (1) a smaller flop raise to like 20k and then check the turn to see the river or (2) just call the flop and see what develops on the turn.


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        "River - 5c
        Hero wins w/flush"

        How did you win with flush?


        • 1Peter510
          1Peter510 commented
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          Hole card AcTc... flop had 7c, turn 6, river 5c..... flush...

        • Richlizard
          Richlizard commented
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          Ah yes, misread. I run a forum where you can actually show cards. I get confused with all this decoding

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        Well would you look at that.

        I can put cards in

        Now I can see the flush :ac:


        • 1Peter510
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          Lol. I am dying.