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  • I will make an attempt

    I want to play an online Session where I want to only play 3 mtt tables max at the same time

    I then want to play small ball

    I want to pay attention all the time

    And beIng more active since I feel i am a bit too tight recently

    I want to RFI small constantly

    I want to 3 bet small constantly

    I want to cbet small on dry flops often

    On wet Boards i will bet bigger but since I want to RFI smaller i will risk less Chips

    I want to proceed in a thinking way and put myself in more tough situations

    I will have a minraise strategy 13 bb eff.+

    I want to Develop a 3 bet small strategy from 20 bb+ and not going 3 bet allin immediately as i do At the Moment very often

    I want to expand my rfi Range since i feel like i am too tight from hijack and lojack at the Moment

    I want to cbet turn a bit smaller often since i Think people in my games either call or fold not playing too much attention on bet sizes

    I dont want to check often Flop and turn even with marginal hands since i pot Control by betting small on each street

    On river i want to make a lot of Thin value bets

    If i face Aggression on any street i want to try to Range villian properly and ready to make disciplined folds often which is no big deal since i did not invest much by small balling

    For some reason i believe this will work well

    I Think i can play this online Session next week

    I will Tell you how it worked

    I am not too much interested in the results but more how i handle it bringing myself in more tough situations

    As lots of people play turns and rivers worse and worse (meaning each street progressively worse) i hope i can induce lots of villians making lots of mistakes

    Feel free to comment this , do you Think small ball is outdated and I will miserably fail with this attempt ?
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    This is known as a 'Focus Session' and I find they really help.

    I often do them after learning a new concept and they really help to re-enforce the learning.

    It might be even better to do it with just 2 tables instead of 3. Takes some getting used to as you play a similar number of tables to me but you'll be amazed with how much you pick up on.


    • Guido
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      Yeah i have also read the first book of sky where he explains FOCUS Session, small ball is actually an old concept but i want to try how it works in These days and i think at least in low stakes it will work

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    why do u play ? why play online if u can play live ? games are softer and according to you , less bad beats


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      I think it is a good question. people tend to brush it offf...