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  • Focus issues

    I always tend to have a strategy after watching a lot of the videos and doing the quizzes and study the charts but when i get to the table i cant remember the action that took place in a hand as of who was first to bet and i forget to look at position a lot. And completely forget how to calculate odds and equity while in a hand. Any tips on how to remember to make sure i dont over look these things or how to remember the hands and the board?

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    • You need to be recording all the hands you play, check out this video from coach -
    • Focus is tough, would recommend watching the "Building an Unbeatable Mindset" webinar with JL and Dr. Patricia Cardener
    • To your point about forgetting how to calculate odds and equity etc, you need to practice that math until it's like breathing. Forgetting to apply it is another problem, but the formulas for calculating MDF, pot odds, equity, etc need to be second nature.
    • Slow down. Don't feel rushed. Take the time to think about what you need to think about.
    • Create a decision making framework. Habits are powerful, and getting as much of the simple decision making into our automated brain frees up our pre-frontal cortex to worry about harder decisions. Every hand check your cards the same way, go through what you need to consider in the same order. I'm working on this myself.
    Being 100% honest, based on some of the specific issues you mentioned, my guess is you need to study more off table. The more solid you're understanding of the concepts, the easier applying them in game will be, and like I said, recognizing how position affects your range, knowing the pot odds and other calculations, that stuff needs to be like knowing your name.


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      Thank you. I will watch building a unbeatable mindset first thing and try to maybe watch some live at the bike or some kind of live poker and calculate one players odds and equity as well.


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        And yes i do need to study away from the table a lot more then i should be playing. Ive recently started to become a break even player since starting this class. Still not a winning player but with the help from everyone here and all the content i see a good future in poker


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          I hear ya brother. I'm working my way out of the hole I dug from playing before I started giving any consideration to studying lol. Happy grinding!

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        I find using a pot odds cheat sheet really helps me out rather than trying to calculate it exactly. I know it's not the best method but if I know that a full pot bet requires 33% equity to call, a half pot sized bet requires 25% equity and 1/4 pot sized bet requires 16% equity, I can estimate everything else and focus more on figuring out my outs and if a call is appropriate or not.