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    I've had a bit of a bad run with River betting lately. I know it's my own fault, but I'm posting here to maybe get some help through it.

    -There was a hand where I had the nut flush, Ac3c. There was a pair of 7s on the board though and when the BB went all in, I folded because I was sure he had a Full House. He had Qc8c, and won with the flush.

    -There was a hand where I had pocket Queens. The board ran out a Queen and 3 Kings. I lost to a four of a kind to LJ, and I was CO.

    -There was a hand where I had Ks9s. The flop ran out 10h, Qs, Js, 4D. I lost to AhKd. Guy was UTG+1 and he did put in a large raise to kick off the hand. I was Button.

    The last two instances stung in particular because while the opponents who won bet first, I re-raised them. Then, they re-raised me and I went all in and lost everything.

    So these were stupid plays by my part, but I really want to work past that. But how? I feel like I
    was maybe rushing those last two hands, very excited by the prospect of doubling up and just
    missing. The first one, I guess I just pussied out. I didn't have any great reads on my opponents.
    Either because they just got there, or I didn't pick anything up.

    What's the way through this mental illness I have with the river? Force myself to Tank and evaluate?

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    The river is the toughest street to play. As Jonathan Little said it's the street 'where most people drown'.

    You haven't given enough information for me to be able to comment on your hand examples. However, this may be indicative of the issue that you actually have!

    You say "I folded because I was sure had a Full House" - why were you "sure"? What information did you have that made you so "sure"? You might be trying to over-simplify the situations which may be causing the problem.

    The only way to get better at the river is practice, practice, practice.

    Are you having much success with the homeworks?


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      Along the lines of London's comment, my first question is did you record the entirety of each hand? If not, look at the videos JL has on talking notes and record the whole hand (even if writing from memory right after the hand).

      Second question is have you worked through them like a homework problem? That will help you see your range throughout the hand and consider what your opponents range might look like.

      Third, how much are you thinking in ranges when you play? Doing homework problems and taking hands from the forum (or your hand histories) and working through them like homework will help you think in ranges more.

      Lastly, do you play online? If not, maybe put a little bit of money on a site and use that to get in volume (london's practice, practice, practice). You can get in huge volume online that will help tremendously at the live table.