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Why is calling better? Ak getting 4 bet

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  • Why is calling better? Ak getting 4 bet

    Look at stack sizes /spr

    Hero 3 bets to 700

    Villian 4 bets to 1200

    Hero wanted to go allin but snowie says it you should call here at least 93% of time no Matter which raise size you want to 5 bet

    Is this because

    You have no fold equity whatsoever

    And therefore you can jam +ev sometimes
    check raise or check call flop

    SometimEs check fold

    In order to reduce variance ?

    I would have 5 bet allin for sure

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      When i check flop guess what happened (almost never in the real world)

      Villian Checked back and on turn top pair pairs and snowie wants me to check 100 % meaning with my whole Range with a 25% potsize ,this is 30% of villians remaining stack

      So i guess this is because villian showed weakness

      Is this for value or as a bluff ?

      Is this a classic leverage bet to basically threaten his whole stack and to put a lot of pressure on villian cheaply ?


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        Here is the picture


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          If you CALL pre-flop, the pot will be 2,500 and he only has 1,900 left.

          If I am deciding to continue, I want to see all FIVE cards with AK, not just the flop then fold to the allin (which could easily be AQ).

          Seems very strange to me and putting me right off investigating Snowie