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2/5 NL Live: Tough spot OOP

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  • 2/5 NL Live: Tough spot OOP

    Playing 2/5 with five players, a weak fish limps UTG. A LAG in the cutoff raises to $20, and I call in the SB with K J. The BB and the UTG also call. The flop comes J T 4 and is checked around (maybe I should have led here?) The turn is a harmless looking 2, and I led out half pot, $40. BB folds, UTG calls and the cutoff now unexpectedly re-raises to $160. Pot is now $320, and effective stacks were about $600 at the start of the hand. What's my play here?

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    On the flop the CO has the range advantage, the nut advantage, AND positional advantage over us. We absolutely do not want to be leading out here, you were right to check in my opinion.

    The turn is a nasty spot. If you were at least closing the action I think you could probably justify a call. However when the villain is raising the turn into multiple opponents he is likely to be value heavy. As you are out of position you also have to check the river and potentially face another bet.

    You are dead against slowplayed TT-JJ, and there are a lot of draws out there so potentially any A, K, Q, 9, 8, or club could be a bad river card for you.

    Perhaps it's a bit nitty, but hopefully I find a fold here.


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      Definitely should not lead flop. Top pair is plenty good enough to check call with.

      I like the turn bet, might as well protect your hand when everyone else has looked weak. If you call the raise, pot will be $440 assuming UTG folds. With $420 behind. You have him labelled as a LAG, so there should be plenty of bluffs in his range.

      I think it boils down to 2 things. First, what your plan is on a non club river (which will happen 80% of the time). If he jams, are you prepared to call. Is top pair strong kicker going to be good 35% of the time? Against a LAG, probably. So, if you are prepared to call off with top pair, then I would say call (assuming you have properly identified the LAG). If you plan to fold to a river jam, then I say fold. Second, is what you expect UTG to have here. If you have any concern that he could be passively holding a better hand, then you should probably just find a fold. If you think he sticks around with weaker stuff (because he would let you know if he had a good hand already), then I can see calling based on your plan against the river jam on a non club.


      • LondonImp
        LondonImp commented
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        Do you not think a LAG would be opening KQ, Q9, and 98 from the CO? Personally I think these could all be in his range.

        As per my original response I think there are far more cards we need to avoid than just clubs.

      • 1Peter510
        1Peter510 commented
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        Maybe, but I also expect a LAG to keep betting all those hands on the flop. So, i don't think you can count them all as bad for the hero. The only hands that improved on the turn are backdoor flush draws. So, I do discount the straight draws, but hey, lets throw 6 more outs into the equation and well we fold 32% instead of 20%. It is still a call on the turn if you are prepared to call the river on a non club, and half the time a straight card hits. Even then, sometimes he checks back when those cards hit fearing we have the flush or straight.

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      First turn-point of the hand is pre-flop, against a LAG CO we need to at least be considering a 3-bet here. Post-flop I like Peter's analysis, if our read as LAG is good and he has some bluffs we have to be ready to call down here at least some of the time.


      • RealJPB
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        Agreed on the 3B pre.

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      Thanks for your responses guys! Result of hand: he had Kc7c for a flush draw. I called as did the weak UTG who had an even weaker flush draw. River was an offsuit brick, it was checked around and I took down the pot. Pretty sure I would have called a shove on the river as he'd been fairly loose, though I'd do my best to look for any live reads first.


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        If Villain has a monster, I can see no reason whatsoever he would check back this flop.

        I am on it like a car bonnet. If wrong... reload.