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  • Theoretically.....

    Let’s say we play tight UTG and only raise 99+ and 109 suited+
    The big blind calls, what should we be doing on low boards against aggression? If the board is 8 high, or something like 77543 we never have sets or straights, aces is always the top of our range, so if the big blind bets aggressively do we have to call? If we fold we’re folding our entire range. Not sure the correct way to think about these spots. Thanks.

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    Are you talking about if they donk bet? Or just aggressive in general with check-raises etc?

    If the board absolutely smashes villain's range then it is often correct to fold.

    If we were BB against an UTG RFI and the board was AAKQ9 you'd have no problem getting out of the way of aggression in that situation.


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      It was just a hypothetical scenario asking if it’s sometimes okay to fold our entire range?


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        Against a good opponent playing a balanced range... Probably not.

        Against an opponent who is very unbalanced, sure.

        Folding our entire range is certainly a very exploitative play.