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  • Where's the Math Content?

    I love the site and the community here but since I a few months ago joined I've noticed there isn't much math based content. Or maybe I don't know where to look.

    As a fairly new player I feel like I need to have a good grasp on the math. I guess the stuff here assumes that we all already have that but I don't. I learned some of the basics principles at Redchip and anytime I needed to brush up I could go back and rewatch. However, I'm not a member there anymore. And YouTube isn't a big help because I can't search for things if I don't know that I don't know. If that makes sense.

    So I'm curious, where do all the PC and PCP members go for math based resources?

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    I have never learned solely math, i try to understand the math behind strategy always

    Ask yourself always what is the math behind a strategy advise

    Perhaps you can buy poker math that matters book

    I have never read it but it is supposed to be good


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      Not sure exactly what you’re asking about...there’s stuff like pot odds, implied odds, number of outs, counting combos, then there’s stuff like our range and what percentage we should take certain actions with, stuff like minimum defense frequency. My best advice would be to search for videos on the math you’re implying...I know there’s a video on pot odds and minimum defense frequency. I’m sure there’s what you’re looking for somewhere on the site if you’re a PCP member, but if you don’t find it, I would tweet Jonathan little or send an email to support asking him to make a video on your topic...he’s said if we ask him for videos he doesn’t have he will make them.
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        I asked JL if he could set up a series of Webinars that go through Modern Poker Theory Chapter by Chapter.
        Sort of like an open book test/review. If they set it up right they will sell more books as well.