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  • HUD set up

    Hi folks,

    Just wondering what sort of stats people are including in their HUD set ups. I'm specifically playing 6max cash and was wondering if I'm missing anything beyond the obvious. One thing I've included is Postflop aggression factor but I wonder if anyone thinks there's a better choice for aggression?

    My set up has.....

    name / no of hands
    VPIP / PFR / AF
    3bet / fold to 3bet / cbet / fold to cbet

    any thoughts?


    edit: and if anyone has a link to any content on the sire that covers this subject then i'd love to get a link to it! thanks

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    I'd add in their stats for folding turn and river and their raising frequencies on each street. These stats will help you navigate postflop much more easily. If someone is unbalanced, it will show up in their stats over time and you can exploit their frequencies.


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      since cbet river happens so rarely, I'm thinking of switching to bet river
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        Fold to steal is essential.

        I have VPiP/PFR broken down into each seat (6 max) but if you don't want this then I'd highly recommend Steal attempt % too.

        You also want to include 4bet% and fold to 4bet. 4bet% is the more important of the two. The reason for this is that fold to 3bet% just doesn't give us enough information on how they defend. This information is key for creating our 3betting ranges and deciding to go polar or linear.


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          I have from the Top of my head rfi from all positions , wsd, AF , 3 bet , fold to 3 bet , 4 bet , CC , Flop turn river cbet, fold to Flop turn river cbet , check raise , donk betting ,fold to steal when BB , fold to steal when SB , how many BB, samplesize hands ,Name