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Exploiting Opponents Who Fold Too Much - Question

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  • Exploiting Opponents Who Fold Too Much - Question

    In one of the Cash Game Masterclass lessons, JonathanLittle states: "If the opponent folds too often, it is tough to go wrong by making a 1/3 pot bet with most of your range in most short and middle stacked situations."

    I don't fully understand the implications of the stack depths in this exploitative play.

    Typically I am playing >100bb deep but surely this is still a strong exploitative play to use?

    Or am I misinterpreting the labels and 100bb is a 'middle' stack situation and large is actually something like >250bb?

    And if large stack is >250bb, why wouldn't we still want to be making this play if our opponent folds too much..?

    Bit of a ramble guys, sorry. Would appreciate your thoughts.

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    i agree. if villain folds too often, you should be making small frequent bets with any stack size