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3 bet not going allin

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  • 3 bet not going allin

    i have realised it works better for me to minraise than going allin immediately 13-15 BB

    is it also valid to 3 bets ?

    for instance when i have 22 bb+ is it better to raise to roughly 2.5x - 2.75x

    then to raise allin ?
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    I have found the same thing (in tournaments). I find when I shove and everyone folds--great! But when I am called I am rarely a big favorite and lose frequently. I am trying more of the min raise and then shoving the flop regardless of what is there. I am certainly letting the BB see more flops and catching something good, but more often, nobody catches anything and I get a lot of folds. I clearly am not winning as much as when I go all in and get called AND win, but am not out as often when I go all in and lose. I am doing this with the same hands I would have pushed in the past. I really don't know the math on this and whether it is a good strategy or not. But I have specifically found it very effective when I have a big Ace. I still see 5 cards and get a lot of folds on the flop from people who have paired the board.


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      To be honest i Think you approach is very problematic

      Shoving the Flop regardless is certainly the wrong approach

      You need at least some Made hand or some equity to the perveiced winning hand

      For instance when you have 22 bb and you 3 bet and cutoff and bb calls and you push allin with 99 on AKT this is just very bad

      This principle is also true for the Stop and Go when you habe 7-9 bb effectively

      So when I 3 bet not Going allin and i get called i proceed with some caution and might on average heads up bet 70-75% of time

      And proceeding means not going allin on Flop as I want to have place to maneuver , on turn i could go allin in the right spots

      So the idea is lowering variance while playing thinking poker with open end
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