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which range snowie prefers to donk on a flush flop

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  • which range snowie prefers to donk on a flush flop

    in this spot villian minraised preflop and hero called from the bb (see Picture 1)

    hero recognizes hero should have the nut Advantage , hero wanted to check raise flop but snowie prefers donking most of the time

    here was wondering whith what exact parts of his range snowie prefers donking more than 50% of the time (betsize 1/4 pot)

    here is the result (Pictures 2-5)

    long Story short it turns out snowie prefers donk betting in the first place with

    a) vulnerable pairs higher than middle pair but with no flush draw

    b) second nut flush draw (i guess with the Ad you have enough Showdown value and you dominate all the flush draws)

    c) vulnerable junky middle pairs with no flush draws which you can easily bet-fold

    Question, this Deep why shouldnt we check raise instead of donk betting if we want to be aggressive

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