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i wrongly believed he has capped his range

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  • i wrongly believed he has capped his range

    i was very surprised him having such a nutty Hand

    when he checks back the flop i thought hehas capped his range by underpair to ace but no set

    i then decided to purely attack his perceived capped range

    but the turn betsize makes few sense as i can reach the same results with a lower sizing

    also on river the pot is that big it is quite unlikely he folds

    in game i blindly wanted to follow my flop plan on attacking his capped range

    but you should go from street to street

    i should have bet 30% effective stack on turn and jamming river if i want to Barrel off

    in Theory i think he should with his nutty range only check back most of the time with a set of Aces ?

    with a set of Queens he can happily attack my Aces

    thoughts on this Hand ?

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    There should be a special place in hell deserved for people who slowplay

    That being said, if he somehow knew you are capable of going for it, it's definitely a great play from villain.

    When he calls your pot sized bet on the turn, alarm bells should go off. I would not bluff river in this case. What could he call that you beat? He's basically pot committing himself.

    I also either not bet at all on the turn as I have showdown value, or bet smaller.


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      Generally a spot to slowplay a nuttish hand is when the board is very dry and our hand blocks Villain from having anything in a significant way, which usually means top set on a dry board. Here VIllain has a huge range advantage over us, so his check kind of makes sense given that if he bets you fold a huge percent of your range, if he checks you are induced to bluff and value bet hands that are crushed....probably more optimal for him to just bet his whole range flop and take down the pot with his holding that have little to no equity, and just pray you have an A when he has QQ


      • Dilly
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        Definitely make sure you got a note down on this player lol

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      It won't load for me


      • Guido
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        This is the Monster spot , deffo make sure fixing your computer

      • kkep
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        I figured out my browser issue shortly after I posted it was giving my issues. So the latest FireFox Update included a Facebook Container Add On, extension whatever which I enabled. That prevents FB from tracking one across sires that has options to log in with FB or to share on FB like we have here.

        I disabled that and haven't had my browser crash a single time since. Nice too get it right on my first try .

        I suppose one of my other privacy extensions could be blocking upswing poker tho...cardschat works fine for me.

        So maybe since I run a tight ship that would be the best choice for all to use

        So after playing with this for a sec I had to let some trackers that Privacy Badger was blocking through...
        It was Pokeit and ajax.googleapis. I don't think either of those will generate unwanted SPAM.
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      I would have never bet the turn. He has so much in his range that is never folding. Marginal suited aces, Qx combos KK maybe JJ TT and he's going to have picked up some flush and str8 draws.
      Then when he calls a polarizing turn bet you're basically screwed unless he's a calling station that also is opening to wide and won't fold a FD to any bet size.

      I can only come up with 8 combos he should call with that you are ahead of JTs KcJc KcTc Jc8c 8c7c everything else has you crushed.


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        To put it bluntly, it looks to me like he done you a goodun straight up the wrongun.

        Faultless if you ask me and got himself a whopper on the line.