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why should we bet big on river ?

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  • why should we bet big on river ?

    here i was sure snowie wants me to bet small river after hero raises preflop and the Action goes check check flop , check check turn

    but then snowie says potting the river is the best Play ..

    why is this ?

    i would guess because we can get value from so much worse Aces in the first place and perhaps even K highs as this betsize looks that polar and it is unlikely we have rivered a straight?

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    I would be asking why the hell Snowiefish is calling a raise with 92!!

    Even JL's loosecharts call this a fold.

    By the way, how much is this software and do you think it has helped your game?


    • Guido
      Guido commented
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      191 USD subscription for 1 year (Black friday sale)

      It has helped my game already especially in regards of bet sizings and bluff hands to choose

      Also even top Players still use snowie for analyzing multiway pots

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    But when Snowie says to flat call with AK when your opponent has far less than a potsize bet? Makes you wonder right? lol

    So did you look at the intermediate first or go straight for the PRO version? I really can't see too much difference but for double the money. But having been a winning player for many years, I am willing to try anything to get to the top.

    My temperament probably needs more work but tried most things for that. Just think I am a moody bastard lol


    • Guido
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      The pro Version teils you exclusively what you should do with your whole Range

      So for the more serious Players they should choose the pro Version

      But the very serious Players use pio Solver ,monker solver and so on but they lack on multiway pots but on heads up they are way more advanced

      That being said I love easy software like snowie a lot

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    On my list! Do you know how many machines it can be installed on?


    • Guido
      Guido commented
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      They have a commercial Slogan One Subscription. All Platforms so i guess you can use it at all devices you want

    • Richlizard
      Richlizard commented
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      Thanks. I have just seen though that it is predominantly for cash players?

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    Guido, it looks to me like you are using it for tournaments. But the info I can find says it is only for very early stages of tournament. Is this correct?


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      It started for cash game Players only but they have added antes and tournament freezeout Training sessions where you can choose for instance whether you want to Start with 200 bb or 40 bb and turbo or normal speed,

      You can also choose your own scenarios with antes also for the later stages,

      that being said it clearly Doesnt Account for icm but i use icm almost always exclusively for Final Table Play


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        Snowie is UTG , is this a scenario you setup from a hand you played?
        How did villain get into the hand, especially when you raised preflop/
        Can't imagine any decent AI even limping with 29s much less calling a raise, so assuming it was human ASAP player (any suited, any position)
        or someone with fancy play syndrome.

        Anyway software just looks at numbers.
        Numbers vs a normal UTG limping range would suggest they have nothing, Ax or flush, or slow played set (fudged range)
        You get called with one of these possibilities, Ax ,and you win, they fold one, you win and they reraise with two and you call or fold depending on bet size.
        Since you are ahead of most of their range, you bet. big to extract value from the only hands villain can call with, Ax. and lower pairs, that think your river bet is a bluff.
        But please take anything I say with a grain of salt I am not a winning player..

        This is my first post here. Does PC have a hand replayer we can post hands with?
        Last edited by Herb Williams; 02-17-2020, 05:57 AM. Reason: at first just looked at image without reading action line.


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          That fooled me as well Herb. It wasn't until I saw this hand in another thread that I realised this hand actually took place and wasn't a "me vs Snowie" scenario.