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How do my stats look?

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  • How do my stats look?

    I know 6k hands isn't a huge sample, but that's what I managed to play on Stars during the past month, 6-max, at both 10NL and 30NL. Just looking for anything that might stand out, what looks good, and what may need improvement. Thanks in advanced for any feedback, always appreciate it.

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    As you've stated 6k just isn't enough.

    If it was >100k here's what I'd say:

    - You've been running significantly above expectation - variance will come back to bite, just be ready to weather the storm and keep a level head
    - There's far too big a gap between VPiP and PFR - this is an indication of passivity which will cause the rake to massively drag down your win rate
    - You are not bluffing very much and you are folding a lot post flop to aggression - this is working well however (this is a good adaptation when facing the 10NL player pool - no real personal experience at 30NL)
    - 30NL naturally requires triple the bankroll of 10NL - make sure you're not playing outside of your bankroll unless you're happy to chuck more money into your account to reload when required


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      I have started using HEM again after many years. Although I won't have a massive database, could someone tell me how to produce the above stats for my tournament play? I would particularly like to see if I am running as bad as I think I am!

      But also realise that runbad often produces bad play so would like to see that in my stats.