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  • low stakes idiocy

    This is a weird spot that has actually cropped up several times recently. For obvious reasons it isn't covered in poker books!

    My normal cash game is a very low (25p/25p) live game that runs in a local casino. Although heavily raked (10% capped at £5) it is often more profitable than the £1/£1 game, since that attracts the better players and the smaller game the drunk idiots. It also helps that it plays very deep- 500bb stacks are common. (Almost all these players would be better playing the "more expensive" £1/£1 game but don't realise it) So we have an interesting dynamic where the actual amount of money is relatively small, but the number of BB is very big in many pots.

    The last few weeks we have had situations where a number of players have been playing all in blind. Their shoves have been roughly in the £25 (100bb) to £40 (175bbish) range (although I have seen bigger). This has been either as a player is leaving, and just wants to blast off/get unstuck or is just gambling insanely for fun.

    So my simple question is: what's your calling (or overjamming) range here. I assume most would vary for position.

    Assume: You are properly bankrolled, so the individual hand will not make a lot of difference to your net worth. No one is playing for their houses here!