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Combating same players everyday

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  • Combating same players everyday

    I have two poker rooms in my area and both are 2 table 1/2 no limit. Its the same players everyday some are tight and most are just crazy i think. Whats the best way to exploit them and figure out more of their stratigies? Half of them are here to make money and other half to play for fun.

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    To add to the action its very usual to be short stack with anything less then $500. There is on average 3 players with $1500 so very deep stack for such a small game.


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      Seems like if you know who the studious players are and who the maniacs are you can just try to play solid avoidance-tendant jab-cross-hook poker against the studious ones and play for max value disregarding balance and bluffs against the maniacs. If you have any specific HH's we might be able to provide more specific advice. Just be careful with hands like AJo this deep.


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        Make lots of notes.

        Then make more notes.

        I have a similar situation, and over time you can build very detailed profiles of players by looking back at the notes at home and spotting lines they take and weaknesses in their games.


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          On tables like this, where half are good and half are bad, seat selection is key.

          On a poker table money always flows to the left. So what does this mean and how can we use it?

          Easy. You want the bad players on your right. They are going to be spewing chips away and you want to make sure they end up in your stack.

          The downside of this is that the good players will positional advantage over you and will profit against you - your job is to ensure you make more money off the bad players on your right then you lose to the good players on your left. Make sure the chips from the bad players stop with you and don't continue their journey around the table - they will be far harder to win back off the good players once you lose them!

          One other point, if all the bad players have stacks of 50bb and the good players have stacks of 200bb then you should buy in for 50bb too! You want to put yourself in a spot to be able to stack the weaker players whilst minimizing the damage to your bankroll when you get stacked by the good players.


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            Thanks for the advice. Ive been learning so much and not having alot of results at the end of the day buy i got to play with who i thought was either the best player at the table or just a rich guy on a 3 player game and got to talk to him and it turns out he plays full time for a living. I always wondered why he was so agro and playing agro with random hands like 35 suited and times and loosing on showdown when new players arrived. After talking to him he mentioned a lot of things about ranges like jonathan does and made alot of sense. So i stay away from hands with him unless i see a spot to use agressiveness to bluff him.


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              Probably good to try and avoid playing with professionals whenever possible

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            I had a crap hand lastnight and decided to use the button to play it. He straddled 10 i raised to 30. Flop j,6,6 and i bet 15 he raised to 35 i reraised to 85 he folded 10,10 and showed. Riskey move but i think my agressive play made him slow down his agro play against me.


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              Thanks for the advice. I will try staying away from that player tonight and see if my results are better.