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Using live reads for PokerCoaching quizzes

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  • Using live reads for PokerCoaching quizzes

    I'm going to give you all an inside tip for answering the PokerCoaching quizzes. I picked up a live quiz tell on Jonathan Little in the way he recites the answer options. He apparently hasn't practiced executing his delivery in the same manner every time like he would for betting chips and you can determine the answer by the subtle difference in the way he vocalizes each choice. It's a bit difficult to describe by text, but it's something like this...


    Should you ChEcK?! 600, bet 1200, or bet 1800?

    The answer is check.


    Should you check... bet 1600... Bet. 32. Hundred. ...or bet 5500.

    The answer is bet 3200.


    This post is meant in good fun of course, but I do seriously have to pause as soon as I hear him say "Should you..." so I don't inadvertently influence my decision because I automatically anchor to the right answer if I hear him say it. Word to the wise, careful how you say things at the table!

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    If I'm ever at the table with you I'm not saying crap; unless I figure out a way to exploit your reads.


    • jamtay317
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      You should talk at the table, just not while you're in a hand. you want the fish to have a good time so they stay and keep giving you their money.

    • reeeeeeper
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      It's definitely possible, I get reversed in LA casinos now and then, but once someone reverses me then I know they're capable of it and can use that info. Like Jam said, better to say only what you need to during a hand.

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    I skip them all reading the answers for that reason.


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      Nice read.