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Help reading the pre-flop charts: specific example

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  • Help reading the pre-flop charts: specific example

    I really thought I understood how to read the charts, but the first question in Cash Games Master Class/Facing a raise Quiz has me confused.

    On B, 100bb deer in cash game, against which opponent’s raise should you have a wider calling range?
    Choices are UTG or CO

    Using the Facing RFI-BTN set of chart, the first chart vs UTG , the green range is 8.1% of hands. Against the CO it’s 13.9%. So it seems like we’re calling wider vs the CO, but the quiz says call wider vs UTG.
    I get that we’re 3-betting a higher percentage vs the CO because our overall range is wider (folding less). But that’s not the question.

    Am I reading the chart wrong or misunderstanding the question?



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    I didn't get that right either and I think it's wrong. We clearly call with more combinations vs a Co (184) open than an UTG open (108). We also 3-bet more so both are true.

    JonathanLittle Is this a mistake?


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      So this was discussed a little in the discord and from what i can tell it's referencing the fact that a larger portion of our continuing range is a call, rather than we call with more combos. Maybe it's a subtlety that got lost in the wording or something but yeah, there were other folks that picked up on this.


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        @yandader you're right but I still don't get it even looking at in living color.

        Bu vs UTG RFI we are raising with 6.2% and calling with 8.1% We are calling with 1.9% more combos than we are raising.

        Bu vs Co we are raising with 11% and calling with 13.9% which is 2.9% more

        The math is the math and see that it's right but I still don't understand how we can call with 1% more of all hands available (1326) yet end up with 1% less of the hands selected (330)


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          It calculates like that because we continue with a wider range vs the late position raiser than vs UTG.

          Vs UTG we call with 108 combos out of a continuing range of a total of 190 combos which is 56.8%

          Vs CO we call with 184 combos out of a continuing range of a total of 330 combos which is 55.8% (a smaller proportion of our continuing range)

          As said, I agree that the wording seemed confusing and there were others that thought so but this is what I think it was pointing towards.

          Hopefully that makes sense.


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            At first I was confused but then realised it meant which you more call against as opposed to 3betting. Obviously UTG


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              I wouldn't worry about this question. I think the person who made the quiz also thinks it is confusing and I believe he plans to remove that question from the quiz. You are reading the charts correctly and the question is confusing.


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                When I took the quiz my reaction was " Dam thats a sneaky trick question !!"


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                  Originally posted by Bounty Hunter View Post
                  When I took the quiz my reaction was " Dam thats a sneaky trick question !!"
                  Haha same here! Although since then I've read every question a lot more carefully so it's helped in the long run.