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20 Day Challenge number 17

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  • 20 Day Challenge number 17

    Ignoring the fact that most of us won't have a clue what that video is all about (apologies to the clever ones who do), in the actual quiz it asks about pushing allin utg for 15 big blinds. Apparently it should never be done.

    But the charts given on this site for push-fold actually give us 9.5% of hands to push utg.

    Am I missing something?

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    I was thinking the same thing. The only scenario I can come up with is when most/all stacks are in the 12-35bb range. Maybe then the 15bb shove would be too large? if relative stack sizes are the determinative factor, then maybe some material on how to make those calculations would be appropriate?

    I for one love the content by Michael Acevedo. It balances out the truly weak content by Lexy Gavin. Going from Acevedo to Gavin is like going from a Vladimir Horowitz recital to a 3-year-old banging on a Fisher Price keyboard in your living room.
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      Damn bro, take it easy on Coach G lol

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      Dilly - that was going easy

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    Push fold charts show that while it is profitable from an EV perspective to shove 15bb, recent solver work shows it's not the most profitable play. And especially in tournaments where you don't want to bust, if you can find a more profitable play that reduces your risk, it's a double win.

    So it's far better to not rely on push fold charts if you're UTG with 15bb. I think if you take the same situation and move it to SB or BTN, 15BB shoves make more sense. Because in later positions, your opponents are much more likely to reshove wide if you min raise. So it's better for you to take that play away from them with hands that are strong enough to shove profitably but you're not happy calling a reshove with.


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      You know, I was more attracted to the number 20 here. No one knows why it is usually used in different challenge days? Negative manifestations of the two-fears, phobias, resentment, fear of people and envy-all this stems from increased sensitivity and leads to indecision, lack of self-confidence. The key to solving the problem is to stop worrying too much about what other people will think of you. I didn't believe it for a certain point. Until I came across a strange pattern of numbers in my life. For example, every morning I wake up at 3: 33 in the morning and I can't do anything about it. In addition, I started receiving calls from numbers ending in 333, and I would not have paid attention if this was an isolated case. I was able to find the information only here, have you ever encountered such a thing?
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