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Interesting spot vs check raise

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  • Interesting spot vs check raise

    What are you're thoughts in this spot?

    My thought on the call was I needed 33% equity to make the call, I thought that I had it.

    Wha is your opinion?

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    Pre flop the call was fine in my opinion 6 handed and in position. When he checks the flop I would check this back sometimes. I think it hits both of our ranges pretty well considering the way the bets went pre. You bet and he raises here I’m folding. Not sure but sets two pairs AJ are all in his range. You got lucky by the river and it worked out. This is just an opinion


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      is like dice.


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        Nitpicking, we can go a little smaller with the 3-bet.

        When he checks, I'm not sure if we should be betting. This board allows for a lot of check raising from a competent opponent. Value wise they have all the sets, they have at 3 combos of KQs, maybe KQo combos, 4 combos of 78s, 2 combos of JTs, 2 combos of T9s, maybe 2 combos of J9s. What's interesting is they don't have a lot of draws besides BDFD, what QX and 8X do they have? Honestly the worst they're doing to have here is some missed suited AX, and overcards for a gutshot...maybe this is a check behind.

        You need 34% equity to call here which we almost have if our straight outs are all live, we have plenty if our overcards are good when they connect but they probably aren't a lot....against sets and 2 pairs we're getting the right price, when Villain has a straight we're crushed, Villain can have a pair with a OESD which screws us, and I just don't see that they have many other bluffs...might be a fold, I'm not sure though.


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          I don't mind the 3bet size, but since you are going larger than pot you might as well make it $1.25 and take away HJ set mining odds.

          On the flop, ranges are probably close with you having a slight advantage but HJ has the nut advantage. You have KQ and J9s, but he also has KQ, 87s, TT, 99, JTs, and J9s. So you should bet small and somewhat frequent. I think this is certainly a bet, but I would go smaller.

          When he jams, you have the correct odds to call (barely) if your straight draw is good (assuming he doesn't have the straight already). The runner/runner options push enough equity your way to make this a pretty standard call (34.2% pot odds, 34.3% chance to hit a 8 or K plus runner/runner equity). This assumes your straight outs are good. Against a range with straights, sets, 2 pair, you need him to be bluffing with like AQ, 88,77,66,55 to have enough equity or he has to be jamming a J, T, or 9 some instead of 55-88.

          The field only raises with 2pair or better, so unless you have seen him bluff or overvalue a pair in a 3bet pot you should fold.


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            kkep commented
            Editing a comment
            We probably aren't going to have enough draws on that flop so this is a bet entire range or check entire range, right?

            I would tend to check so exactly what happened doesn't. I for sure want to see another card and we can
            usually dispose of under pairs with a delayed c-bet whenever it checks twice.