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2/5 cash Hands w/The church of AK down in flames

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  • 2/5 cash Hands w/The church of AK down in flames

    Today i was in a (how can i put it, Very OPEN) 2/5 game

    I straddled on the button to $10.
    3 limps to me, I look down at AKo, so I 3 bet to 60.
    LJ 4 bets to 225. I have played with this player a couple of times, and he is a LAG.
    I call in position.
    board comes: AsQd3h

    I have about $450 left after the call. He has me covered 3x.
    He goes all in, i call. I call putting him on pocket KK-JJ, as well as AK, AQ

    Turn: Jh
    River: Js

    He turns over QJo.

    In the hand I was thinking of jamming pre-flop, But i choose not to because 1. they were not suited. 2. when i have seen him 3 bet in the past he has stronger holdings as i was putting him on a premiums.
    I later talked to the Villain, he stated he was just 3-betting because he thought i was going to squeeze since it was my button straddle.

    Effective stack at this point was about 750

    im in BB with Red 10s

    UTG+1 bets 20. two callers. Button (guy who has been 3-betting, bluffing alot with his 2000~ effective stack.) 3 bets to 75.

    I call, HJ calls.
    board comes:


    I check (planning on check calling, with a check raise on none scary turn cards.) HJ checks, button bets 65 we both call.

    Turn is a 6s brings the flush.
    I check, HJ checks, button bets 65 again.

    At this point im in the tank for about a minute. my original plan was to check raise if it wasn't a spade on the turn. I know the button was more likely betting with air or an A.
    I call, so does the HJ.
    river: 9c

    I tank for about 2 minutes, I bet 220 both fold.

    HJ later said he has the Ks10d

    I feel like i missed value in the turn, i feel like i should have stayed with my plan .for the turn and continue if any calls at that point idk.