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Challenge day 9 - homework #41

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  • Challenge day 9 - homework #41

    30BB deep UTG 9-handed,
    Preflop: I open quite tight and mostly high-card hands since shallow.
    Flop: Vs Big blind in my stakes at microstakes I would probably C-Bet range here since I feel like people over-fold BB and also I have huge range advantage. Vs good players in 500$ I would check marginal hands. I don't have a lot of junk hands here since I bluff with almost all of them because of range advantage and that I have a lot of value hands.
    Turn: 9c doesn't change that much and I keep betting almost all my hands since BB can have a lot of junky hands like Q/J with bad kicker, i check back the weakest Q and draws that paired up but not much else.
    River: Since I barrel alot UTG vs BB I don't have much in my checking range so calling the Q i checked on turn and folding Draws that paired.

    Any feedback would be appreciated!

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    I think you might want to have a look at the turn. You say that you don't think the 9c changes very much but I'm not sure that's true. It completes one of the most obvious draws and it also pairs up some other draws and helps some 1 pair hands that villain could call a flop bet become two pair.


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      Im thinking im playing to tight from early position
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      • kkep
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        I think that range is fine. It's not exactly as suggested but it's not at all bad. You have to play the range your comfortable with too. The charts would have us not opening KQo but instead opening A5s 77 66. I doubt I'm ever not opening KQo UTG and I open with more suited Ax as well.

        That said I'm playing in a kinda soft $1/2 game not in a $2/5 game where *the opponents play well*. If I ever move up I will use these charts as my default and adjust accordingly.

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      First time doing homework, might have some mistakes, but i had lots of fun doing it. Now i want to do all the previous homeworks
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        On the turn you aren't betting AQs? is it because of the straight got there? no continuation bet?

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        Any thoughts welcome, I'm not much of a tournament player here so I'm a bit out of my zone, biggest difference I have from JL is my preflop range is more offsuit broadway than the junkier suited options...implied odds hands go down in value short stacked and sometimes dominated broadway hands go up in value right?

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          For some reason the Range Analyzer PNG files I downloaded to my Mac and copy and pasted here keep coming up as boxes with ? in them. I have sent a message to support. I am going to try to convert the PNG files to PDF files and see if they will load correctly after that. Thanks for your patience. Now I have copied the PDF Files I created and they look fine until I save the files here on the forum and then they become boxes with ?. I am truly stumped.

          In my attempt at this homework, I used a fairly similar range to Jonatjhan's example and to the 25BB UTG Opening Range in the GTO Charts here. I added a couple of opening hands to reflect having 30BB.
          I added an additional category of Premium Made Hands (Checked) to help balance my hand and to give me a Check/Raising Premium Hands in the event of a Raise on the River. Other than that I believe I was pretty good about keeping my range balanced. This was my first attempt at actually posting a Homework Assignment although I have completed many, I have never previously taken the time to post them on the Homework Site.

          If for nothing else this 30 Day Challenge has inspired me to try to figure out how to post this to the Forums and it will probably make me more likely to post Homework Challenges to the Homework Forum.

          I welcome any comments or suggestions.

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