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  • Bad Play??

    Deep in tournament 295 players 59 left 30 get paid. Blinds 2k/3k with 100k effective stacks. UTG limps 3k, cutoff makes it 12K, I'm in BB look down at JJ. I shove 105K. Both call UTG shows 99 and Cutoff with AK. Lose to A high board although almost made flush on river.

    In hindsight I feel maybe would've been better to flat although didn't want to see 3 way flop 1st to act with JJ. Thought I could take it down right there or perhaps have a flip that I'd need to win anyway at some point.

    Did I pick the right spot??

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    I think wishing you’d flatted instead of 3betting is results oriented thinking, cause then you could’ve folded flop and not busted.

    I think your jam is fine (particularly since you’re out of position) though with 35bb you could also consider 3betting small. Gives your opponents more room to make mistakes.


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      I like your shove.

      As RealJPB correctly points out, regretting your decision purely because of the outcome is results orientated thinking and should be avoided. You got it in good and that's what matters.

      Personally I don't like the idea of a small 3-bet. To be perfectly honest it's simply because I am not very good at playing out of position and this would lead me to make mistakes. If you do feel comfortable then I'm sure it's a good idea - less variance than shoving for sure.


      • RealJPB
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        I actually think shoving is potentially less variance. If we 3b small we can get it in against more of villain’s range. That’s a good thing but it does open us up to losing more often.

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      I would only be questioning your decision here if you were the plank utg with 99


      • cr407
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        LOL really!