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Fold to pot size bet on river?

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  • Fold to pot size bet on river?

    In this hand do you fold to river bet? I thought that because it went Check Check on turn, he could be value betting hands that I beat.

    what is your opinion on this?

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    I call him that one time and not again until I see him raise flops with draws


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      I think he has very few value bets that you beat. Most of his value bets will be Ax. The most obvious bluff is 56. Since there's no flush draw, he has less possible draws on this flop.


      • jamtay317
        jamtay317 commented
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        Are you saying that you fold here?

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      this is a classic tight passive and not fold ... where was that guy ?

      I would have lost more with your hand.


      • CrazyEddie Reloaded
        CrazyEddie Reloaded commented
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        I would fold. ( on river that is ) people who call call call are not called fish for nothing ... now increasingly someone somewhere is telling them to defend more.

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      You are already bluff catching to some extent on the flop ( who has more 4's in their range?). It is a great check from the villain on the turn.

      1) you have more good aces in your range and could easily value bet the turn yourself following an A high flop cbet with AT+
      2) If you don't have an ace you would likely not have enough to call if your opponent leads. When you check there as well you could have weak aces and pairs 88-KK along with nothing. Villain knows you will likely call with this range on most rivers.

      Should you call?

      Yes, i think you have to here against good opponents or against hose without reads. I would call and not be at all surprised to lose here.

      But you can move on with some better reads on this opponent for the rest of the session.