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  • Hate When This Happens

    But it coulda been worse. Thought I put him all in on the flop.

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    I flat 88 from SB , flop middle set on T 8 6 very multiway, everyone chk , button bets around 1/3 pot.

    Me and him were the bigger stacks. This is only adv I see of betting small ... unwary opponent may raise smaller.

    I chk raised pretty big , the idiot calls ... turn: 7

    he bink on that with T9o ... river no help for me. he double through me.. leaving me maybe under 40BB.

    I recovered but not without some preflop all in where u had to count on the cards to hold up.
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      he probably thought his T was golden anyway many landmines

    • CrazyEddie Reloaded
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      hard to come up with a size .. the other 2 players on flop were maybe half my stack size .... If I could get villain, that would be all right .... but not wanting to shut out these 2 completely.... oh , and there was a spade flush draw.