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Tight Passive players are killing me : )

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  • Tight Passive players are killing me : )

    Seriously though, not killing me but definitely killing my bank roll. I play on Run It Once and on Poker Stars micro stakes currently with big dreams to hit the small stakes one day lol.

    I would definitely categorize myself as a loose aggressive player, not a maniac, but definitely leaning to a more loose style vs. tight. Actually Run It Once poker online has dynamic avatars that change depending on your playing style (not promoting, just think its cool.) I show up as loose aggressive there.

    What do we do against this player type? Check down everything unless we hit the nuts? Not build pots on draw heavy boards? Not bet with any bluffs? Otherwise not play poker, play bingo instead? Passive players are my nemesis so anything you guys can tell me would be greatly appreciated.

    Just got out of a session where I was sucked out on a couple times and had to deal with a bunch of passive players so I might sound a little hot right now... Time to read more of Jared Tendler's book I think.

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    Tight Passive players are great to play against. you beat them by stealing their blinds c-betting. you need to figure out where they "Give up" the most and apply aggression on that street. IF YOU HAVE A MARGINAL MADE HAND CHECK. DO NOT BLUFF THEM! DO NOT GO FOR THIN VALUE. When you have a draw to the nuts and let's say they fold on the flop 40% of the time and on the turn, they fold 60% of the time check the flop and bet the turn.


    The best way to beat them is to not pay them off.


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      many fancy themselves as loose aggressive, majority are donkeys. you want to be careful there.


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        jamtay317 Thanks man I really appreciate the feed back. I heard somebody back in the day say "You always want to build pots" and I got stuck on that instead realizing that "always" is a bad idea against some player types. Thanks again, your insight gives me some perspective and a way to play against tight passives.

        CrazyEddie Reloaded Bro!?! You callin me a donkey bro!?!? : ) All good man, thanks for the comment I'll be sure to watch out for that. That's why I'm here, I know it's going to take time and study to reach my goals.


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          Jason Wells, you shouldn't classify a player as "Tight Passive" you should figure out where or what they do wrong and exploit it.

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        Originally posted by Jason Wells View Post
        big dreams to hit the small stakes one day lol.
        Me too buddy, me too...

        Against passive players the most important thing to do is back down immediately in the face of any aggression.

        Against tight players we want to attack their blinds relentlessly.

        I was considering moving to Run It Once - is it any good? I've maxed out my tables on Stars so I'm currently using 888 for my 5th table but it's utter sh*te, my one-eyed dog could code a more user-friendly poker platform and provide better customer service feedback.

        My concerns about Run It Once are the player pool. I play 10NL and 16NL - are there regular 6max games going?

        Is it compatible with the PT4?

        (Not to hijack your thread or anything... )


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          LondonImp no problem man I appreciate the comments as well. The player pool at RIO is pretty small currently but they're offering a decent promo targeted towards players currently on pokerstars. Up to 100% back on your deposit up to 600 Euros, so not a bad incentive. There are a couple other incentives as well that I won't mention here because I don't want to take away traffic from this site.

          The most populated tables are the 4Eu and 20Eu 6max tables. I don't know if they have full ring or tournaments yet, since I don't typically play those online I didn't check. The first thing I noticed is that the game play was really smooth, I only hopped on for a little while and played 1 table just to test out my settings but there is an option to play up to 6 tables at a time. Reaction time is very fast, and there were no weird mis-clicks or lagging like I've seen on other sites. Everything is easy to see, clean layout, multiple options are available for setting up buttons for bet sizes etc.

          I don't think it's pt4 compatible, I didn't try it but I have a feeling it's not for a couple reasons, it so new and you're completely anonymous.

          Anonymous- When you set up your account you choose your screen name and your avatar, but your avatar and your screen name are randomized for everyone else who sits, so you potentially can be playing on 6 different tables against the same players but never know. Personally I like this idea since people won't be able to build a profile on you, but at the same time you need to make notes constantly, which we should be doing anyway. To assist on building a profile, RIO built a very simple HUD into the avatar itself. So depending on your style of play, the expression on the avatar's face will change. Maniac is pretty funny. Plus, when you hover over the player's avatar, you'll get a label like "Tight Aggresive" or "Loose Aggresive" etc. You can make notes and change the colour of the avatar's clothes (instead of the background colour) help with your labeling. Again, a cool little feature imo.

          Something else that they do which is pretty neat is "splash the pot". The site randomly throws extra bb's into the pot prior to the hand being dealt so you potentially could be playing for 1-1/2bb (sb/bb) at the start of one hand then say 1-1/2bb posted by the sb and bb + another 5bb that has been "splashed" by the site itself. Kind of a cool way to earn rake back. I think they did this to help fight against bots since the randomization of preflop bb's would confuse the bot's AI?

          Imo there has been a hell of a lot of work put into the platform so it has a lot of potential, the player pool is currently small but if they keep rolling out promos it will certainly grow. So far I'm enjoying it and am pretty impressed.