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  • Johnathon's Homework Video

    The one where he explains how to use the range analyser.

    I used to have it on screen all the time, but buggered if I can find it now.

    Could someone link me to it please?


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    I think it got moved because it wasn't where I used to go -


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      Found it on youtube


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        I watched it a few times, still don't know how to do the homework. Te adjust function completely baffles me and also the suits. Great fun in tomorrows Challenge Day 9


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          I am actually getting to grips now with the range analyser and the adjust makes so much more sense now.

          Basically he is saying that when you have a flush draw on a suited card, all of the other cards are removed. In other words, ThJh draw. So the other 3 suited TJ hands get removed. But the analyser puts them in the 'folded' range which is wrong because if you check the action, then they haven't been folded. So you have to manually 'adjust' things by saying those 3 suited TJ hands need to go into the 'junk' range which might still be around if you check the action.


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            Thank you, kind of understand it a bit better now