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why is raising better ?

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  • why is raising better ?

    here i have a spot where i was sure calling the turn donk bet is the Right Play

    but snowie says you should raise 92% of the time !

    preflop i minraised

    flop i cbet 50% potsize (wet board) (this is also what snowie suggests) as i have bdsd , gutter , bdfd and therefore enough equity

    on turn where i get a fd villian donks into me

    i was sure calling the turn donk bet is the Right Play (realizing equity in position, not get blown off my equity when i raise and villian reraises

    but snowie says you should raise 92% of the time !

    why is this ? why is raising better ? because I have no showdown value and so it is more plus ev to have the possibility of bluffing credibly a lot of rivers when he chooses to only call the turn raise ? and because up to now my range is uncapped ?

    would you say i have the range Advantage but villian has the nut Advantage when 7 Comes on turn as he should have more 7s in his range ?

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    On the turn you have a terrible hand. So I would never call. I would think that Folding > Raising > Calling. It makes sense to raise because you have no showdown value and you do have some draws although the draws are pretty bad overall.

    On boards with a flush, the ranges of both players tend to be closer where neither will have a huge advantage.


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      have u seen calling has way more ev than folding ?


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        I guess it all comes down to previous action and ranges. You didn't specify what position you raised from and what position called you. But it could be a big mistake for me to fold in that spot instead of calling. But what you need to do is just assume a range of hands that villain is donking into you with. If he's donking with lots of 7x, then you have a ton of equity because both your straight and flush draws are good.

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      You can see in the picture that hero is Button and villian is bb

      Also snowie uses Standard ranges for each individual position , After my minraise villian vpips with roughly 90 percent

      I am not at home at the Moment, so i cannot See whether snowie bb has a bb raising Range but i am sure he has and it is probably a Polar one

      So as a rough guess i assume then snowie calls from bb with JL sb limp calling Range 40bb+
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        maybe u asking the wrong question : why is snowy better ?


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          maybe this isn't even close ...

          MP ( 70BB ) open 3x. Only BB calls with( 140BB )

          Flop: 9c 8s 4s

          BB chk call 1/2 pot

          Turn: 9s

          BB chk - ??? with 9x facing 1/2 pot