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why not betting small more than 50% ?

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  • why not betting small more than 50% ?

    here villian raised to 40 preflop

    hero wanted to call preflop but snowie said raising pot has more eV so I opted ro raise to 150

    when flop Comes and villian checks to me

    i was sure snowie wants me to be bet small and often

    but i was surprised to see snowie prefers checking most often

    why is this ? because of Showdown value and i will not get 3 Streets of value if i happen to have the best Hand and i wont know what to do on many turns and rivers when villian calls flop ?

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    When villain raises and calls a 3bet, his range is much stronger than if you raised and the BB called. Villain probably has a lot of Qx in his 3bet calling range. So it's not like your range is crushing villains.

    You should cbet a high % of the time when you have a range advantage and you should bet a large amount when you have a nut advantage. This is a reasonable spot to check the flop. You have a much higher incentive to bet with hands that have no showdown value than this one.

    It comes down to when you split up all the hands you 3bet, there are going to be a lot of better candidates to bluff. Even Ah2h would at least be a little better because you can barrel turn cards when a heart comes There aren't a lot of great turn cards for you to barrel and you sometimes have the best hand so this is a marginal hand that you try to get to showdown with.


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      Very nice and Clean and clear analysis, thx !