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Feb, HW Quick run through

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  • Feb, HW Quick run through


    AQ QJ QT hd MM

    AKs (2)MM T8s T9s 98s (6) Junk

    River - all in

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    Thread for February assignment is actually already up in the other Homework Forum if you want to transfer this over.


    • kkep
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      I was surprised to see that, thanks

    • Dilly
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      kkep Same lol, I started working on mine in the January HW thread

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    Flop looks unbalanced, too few bluffs and too much junk.

    Turn looks good, maybe a little light on bluffs.

    T9 made a straight river and JT/J9 bottom pair so you should find some other bluffs (54s?)
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    • kkep
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      Thanks I fixed the T9.

      I did know I don't have as many bluffs as I would like but I also don't want to slow any of my premium hands OOP on the flop.

      I probably have to much junk on the flop because I bluffed wider than the charts suggest but I could still probably clean that up a bit
      by moving the A8s I didn't bet to MM, maybe 55 MM even some of the AQo but in game I think I typically fold all of those except maybe 55

      BTW I noticed I have 1 bluff to many on the turn in the HW section....I may or may not fix that. it can't be terrible....

      Thanks for the comments

    • reeeeeeper
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      If you check KQ flop it then also becomes easier to balance your turn.