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One Outer Improves Both V's

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  • One Outer Improves Both V's

    I don't suspect this happens very often. I was uncertain of my turn play. After getting two calls on the flop I actually wanted to check. Then I though I'm probably still ahead of both of them with my K blocker so I should bet on the larger side. Somehow I settled on 40% which was fortunate.

    all in and all I think this ended up fine but I would like some input on the turn play

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    You should be checking the turn. It's one of the worst turn cards possible. Villains should have lots of QJ, JT where they get ahead and lots of other hands that will never fold because they picked up draws.

    So check call the turn and then decide on the river.

    You can check this hand because you have a marginal hand with a draw. It's strong enough to call but too weak to bet so check / call is the best option.


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      Agree. Check turn.

      Should be a scary card for all marginal ranges, (meaning it could check round). Could be a very good card for combo draw ranges (Kc9c, 9c8c, Kd9d, 9d8d). Also a card that could have turned many marginal made flop hands into great draws (Jc9c, KcTc, AcTc, AcJc). Your bet size prices all of these in as well. Given you are against 2 ranges strong enough to call the flop (including the guy out of position against 2 players (he has to be strong on this flop to check call into 2 surely) and given you are out of position to the other player, I would say this is a check for sure.

      You mention the K blocker here is good for you. I say it is bad for you. The most likely made hands you are ahead of is KT and KJ. as you say you block those, so slightly less likely. You also don't block the flush draw, QT, or QJ. So here I think having the K is bad for you. If you had the Kc it would be slightly better.

      Looks like you were betting a size that gives you odds to draw to the straight. likelyhood is if it hits you are chopping at best anyway. and 2 of the cards you need complete a flush also.

      Easy check IMO and hope that the turn was scary enough for all to check round, and that the river is either a great card for you, or a blank that gets checked around too (cos of the scary turn) and you can get to showdown on the cheap.
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