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Linecheck for 11$ KO final table hand

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  • Linecheck for 11$ KO final table hand

    A key hand from a recent 11$ KO final table - I'm really wondering what you think of decisions and sizings flop, turn and river.

    We are 7 players left and get dealt AhAc UTG. Villain is the in the BB. We have 36BB's. Stats for Villain: VPIP 19 PFR 14 AF 2 and he is sitting with 45BB's.

    Hero raises to 150.000
    Villain 2 folds
    Villain 3 folds
    Villain 4 folds
    Villain 5 folds
    Villain 6 folds
    Villain 1 calls 90.000

    Flop: [Th Qh 6h] Pot = 393.000
    Villain 1 checks
    Hero bets 210.000
    Villain 1 calls 210.000

    Turn: [Ad] Pot = 813.000
    Villain 1 checks
    Hero bets 420.000
    Villain 1 calls 420.000

    River: [5h] Pot = 1.653.000
    Villain 1 checks
    Hero bets 390.000
    Villain 1 calls 390.000

    (Also if anyone know an easy and more smooth looking way to copy Hand Historys from PT4 let me know..)

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    Preflop is standard.

    I think all the other streets are too small. The river is waaaaaay to small in my opinion.

    If you'd used standard bet sizes you probably could've got your stack in on the river with the nuts:

    So it looks to me like the effective stack is 2,160,000

    On the flop the board is very wet which means we should be betting larger, around the 2/3 pot size so around the 260,000 mark.

    On the turn the pot would then be 913,000 and we'd have 1,750,000 effective.

    A bet of 525,000 seems standard to me.

    On the river we would then have a pot of 1,963,000 and effective stacks of 1,225,000.

    This is the perfect size for a shove.

    [EDIT: The above is not including antes, but the numbers should be pretty much close enough)
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      Side note: like the format here. Easy to read. Replayer I have to click into another screen.

      Agreed on sizing, particularly on the river. I want to maximize against Kh / Qh.


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        Thanks for the input - I agree with the sizing! Seems easier to think after the game..


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          Editing a comment
          Poker is super easy in hindsight! But by studying loads we will remember all this when we're under pressure in the middle of a hand.