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New PC needed for poker - Recommendations?

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  • New PC needed for poker - Recommendations?

    Hi guys.

    Looking to increase the numbers of table I play but now using a more in-depth HUD and so need more space then currently available on my laptop. Also, I can only play with tiled tables, when they are cascaded I just cannot keep track of what is happening.

    Basically all I need the PC to be able to do is run Pokerstars and anti-virus.

    Can anyone advise on what specs I should be looking for and a reasonable price range to expect?

    I've noticed some second-hand/refurbished PCs which are dirt cheap, but I would be incredibly suspicious of nasty programs hidden in the background. Is it worth the risk?

    Last question: do you guys think it's better playing on 2 small screens, or is it worth the investment getting a single large monitor?

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    16GB RAM, Processor Intel Core i5 or i7 should be more than enough. I have that (as a laptop) and have 0 issues running Pokerstars 4 tables + HUD + multiple Chrome tabs.

    I wouldn't go any lower than that though, 8GB RAM and you'll run into issues.

    I play on the laptop, small screen, which is quite annoying. I actually maximize the table I want to play, which is doable if you play full ring 4 tables as you won't be playing a whole lot of hands and the new tables will just popup when needed.

    The problem with a smaller screen is that everything is so tiny. I want to get a monitor too. I think you need one larger monitor for 6 tables, and another one if you want to go above that.

    Prices - no clue what the prices are in the States. In Romania I can find a laptop like that for 1,000-1,200 dollars.


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      Thanks for that radubalaj .

      I'm in the UK so US prices don't matter to me anyway - the important thing is the specs and now I know what to look for.

      I'm also going to need a new desk to put the PC on which is also going to incur a cost.

      And this is going to come out of my bankroll.

      So I need to weigh up if the cost of the desk and the PC, and the fact that it will then take me longer to reach the next stake level as a result, is sufficiently offset by being able to play more tables which will hopefully increase my hourly rate...

      This balancing act is almost like a hand of poker in itself


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        You say "I need more space? What does that mean? You need more screen space a bigger hard drive? I'm going to go out on a lem and say you done need a new PC.

        If you need a bigger screen, you could buy a second screen and plug it into your laptop. A second screen should be about 150 USD. If you need a larger hard drive you could buy an external hard drive for 100 USD and change the configuration of your hud to store the database on that.

        I think that you could save some money buy figuring out what you need and adding to what you've already got.


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          Yeah that's a very good point jamtay317 .

          By space I meant literal space on my screen, there is plenty of hard drive space available.

          I would be looking to also get a proper mouse and probably keyboard too as it can be too fiddly trying to make accurate, quick movements on a touch pad, but I'd imagine that's probably a lot cheaper than a complete set up.

          Thanks for the advice.


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            8gbb ram was enough multitabling with hm2

            However i bought this one a few days ago with win10
            • Intel Celeron G4900 Dual Core
            • Intel UHD 610 on CPU
            • 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz
            • SSD 120GB + HDD 1TB
            • Windows 10 Home 64bit inkl. Recovery Partition

            - PC-Gehäuse Sohoo 6822 / Sohoo 6826 inkl. Card Reader - Netzteil FSP 300-60HHN 300 Watt 85+ / LC Power 500-12 400W - Intel Celeron G4900 Box - MSI H310M PRO-VH / H310M PRO-VDH PLUS - 16384MB DDR4 - Intel Graphics UHD 610 on CPU - DVD-RW - SSD 120GB - HDD 1TB Toshiba - Keyboard & Mouse LC Power - Windows 10 Home 64-bit

            And i recently bought a Monitor with high Definition so that i can decide how big the Single tables will be as Well as the Windows Window

            But i honestly would prefer 2 monitors
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