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    That big dip tonight was calling $140 bet into a $120 pot with A high lol. The dude was a maniac and his big over bets were always bluffs. A few hands earlier he bet like $350 almost 2x pot into 2 players with 23o. So yeah I called with AQ and he had AK to out kick my bluff catcher.....probably a mistake calling him down

    He didn't last long....

    His stats were 65/45/19
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    Great job! This is from playing $1/$2 cash online?

    I'm always impatient when I see such players, I want to get their stack asap before someone else does, but I still think it's best to wait until you have top pair+.
    At the end of the day, every play has some sort of merit. These maniacs benefit from getting much wider when they have a good hand.

    Having said that, I don't think you've made a mistake there, hard to say.


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      Yes $1/2 online. I had been observing the table for about 20 mins before I sat in. That was my 2nd hand so he couldn't know that I saw how wild he was so I took a shot.